We are a member of the gas safety register - our Registration Number is 88604

Registration Number: 88604

The CORGI scheme came to an end in March 2009, and has been replaced by the Gas SAFE Register.

Whilst a CORGI membership scheme still runs, it is simply a trade body like many of the guilds that are available.

All Gas installers must be registered under the new HSE gas safe scheme called the gas safe register


3 photos of solar panels in use on buildings

Solar Power Heating

Solar panels and evacuated tubes are a popular way to invest in your home and your energy future - reducing your carbon footprint.

With current interest rates and unstable utility energy prices, micro generation and installing solar panels in particular, currently represent one of the best investments, increasing your properties value and reducing your energy bills.

Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint, your dependency on fossil fuels and your dependency on utility companies by using a free, natural, renewable resource - solar energy.

"Helping you source quality solar panels to create an eco-friendly and energy efficient home"

F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd are professional installers of domestic solar panels and other microgeneration systems we install solar panels throughout the UK using our own accredited solar installers and microgeneration specialists.

Why install solar panels?

An F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd solar water heating system will provide 50 to 70% of your home’s annual hot water, reducing your energy bills and CO2 emissions and your families’ carbon footprint.

A solar panel is a statement about your families’ environmental commitments and it encourages others to follow your lead.

The UK’s North Sea gas production provides a diminishing proportion of our energy requirements leaving the UK to rely on imported, unstable and unsustainable Russian gas supplies.

Water heating using solar panels

This technology is known as solar thermal or solar hot water, solar thermal is the most commonly utilised solar technology in households across the UK and Europe.

The solar panel takes over from your boilers job of heating your hot water so you don’t use any gas, electricity or oil to heat your water, at night your boiler regains control, during the hours of darkness and low solar radiation.

The solar panels gathers heat which it uses to heat-up a fluid, this fluid circulates through the solar panel and then through some pipes into a heat exchanger within your the hot water cylinder, the solar heat is then transferred to the water inside your hot water cylinder.

Flat solar panels

"High quality" glazed flat plate solar collectors for the UK climate

Our Premium hot water glazed flat plate collectors, use solar radiation to heat your water for washing, bathing, or heating swimming pools.

Our flat plate solar panels can be mounted on your roof, in your roof, on a Flat Roof, on the ground, on a wall or as a canopy…

Evacuated solar tubes

"High quality" solar tubes collectors for the UK climate Solar energy technology has evolved…

Our premium water heating solar tubes (evacuated solar tubes), use solar radiation to heat water, generally for washing and bathing or heating a heating swimming pools.

PV solar panels

"On-grid" means selling your surplus energy. SELL your surplus power back to the National Grid…

Schuco PV solar - Our electric PV solar panels are known as photovoltaic solar panels. PV solar panel systems can produce from 1Kw peak output to as large a system as you want.


Why Solar Heating?

Our need for energy is rising steadily with our standard of living. Our resources on earth are becoming increasingly exhausted and we are putting a strain on our environment. The sun is the energy of the future, assuring a life on earth for future generations. Daily hot water requirements can correspond to around 65% of your total water heating consumption when spread over the whole year. This amount of water amounts to considerable energy and cost. A sensible use for solar energy is solar heating for your hot water supply with the help of solar collectors.

The myth about solar energy

Many people are under the common misconception that solar energy can only work in conditions of bright sunshine and high temperatures and is therefore unsuited to the British climate. Solar panels operate on the principle of light absorption and are not dependent on high temperatures or long spells of unbroken sunshine. A special coating on the absorber ensures that the system is effective even on cloudy days.

The benefits of installing solar water heating

Sustainable energy: unlike energy produced by consuming and depleting the earth’s deposits of fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal), solar energy works on the principle of harnessing freely-available radiation from the sun (which is only half way through its expected 10-billion-year life cycle).

Environmentally friendly: unlike fossil fuels, solar energy produces none of the effects of carbon dioxide emissions or other kinds of environmental damage. Furthermore, all materials used in the making of the solar panels can be fully recycled.

Simple, clean, effective technology: solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into heat, pumped directly into your hot water cylinder. The small amount of electricity used by the pump is your only running cost!

Proven technology: solar systems are based on technology that has been working successfully in Europe for more than 20 years.

Very efficient: Solar glass has exceptional light-transmission values.

Suitable for any home: can be installed in sloping and flat roofs.

You're in control: the system includes a control, which enables you to set the hot water temperature you require with ease.

Easy to look after: it requires minimal maintenance, simply check the controls and fluid during you annual boiler service.

Guarantee: Providing installation has been carried out by an accredited installer, panels come with a 5-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on other components.

Cash in on these special incentives

Under the Government Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) £400 is available to homeowners (using an approved solar installer) towards the cost of installing an approved solar water heating system.

A big reduction in VAT: As your installation is carried out by a qualified heating installer, you pay only 5% VAT instead of the full current 17.5% rate.

For more information call F.G.WELCH CENTRAL HEATING & GAS SERVICES Ltd on 01257 421 660 today.

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