We are a member of the gas safety register - our Registration Number is 88604

Registration Number: 88604

The CORGI scheme came to an end in March 2009, and has been replaced by the Gas SAFE Register.

Whilst a CORGI membership scheme still runs, it is simply a trade body like many of the guilds that are available.

All Gas installers must be registered under the new HSE gas safe scheme called the gas safe register


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Air Conditioning (Air Source Heat Pumps)

Energy efficient climate control systems for the home and workplace

Modern heat pump systems offer low carbon, energy efficient heating, with energy being extracted from the external environment to heat a building - even when it is extremely cold outside!

F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd are specialists in air source heat pumps systems. These extract energy from the air, condense it, and use it to provide low carbon, energy efficient heating, with very low running costs, as most of the heat energy is being provided free of charge from the atmosphere. F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd currently offer two types of air source heat pumps. Air to air heat pumps, often referred to as "Climate Control Air Conditioning Systems", and air to water systems, often referred to as "Heat Pump Boilers".

Air to Air Heat Pumps (Climate Control Air Conditioning Systems)

Air to air heat pumps, or heat pump climate control air conditioning systems, offer energy efficient control of the environment within your home or workplace. They can heat, cool, clean and control the humidity of the air to create optimum comfort conditions for both people and equipment within the space to suit your specifications and budget.

F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd also offer heat recovery ventilation systems to complement their heat pump climate control air conditioning systems.

Air to Water Heat Pumps (Heat Pump Boilers)

Air to water heat pumps, or heat pump boilers, offer energy efficient heating as a low energy alternative to fossil fuel burning conventional boilers. Some also offer the option of some cooling capability if required.

Cost Savings

As air source heat pumps offer such energy efficient heating, the Government offers financial incentives to people adopting this technology.

Incentives include only 5% VAT on heat pump installations in residential accommodation and for some charitable purposes, tax incentives and interest free loans for businesses. This together with the potential for significant savings (typically between 30% and 50%) on your heating bills make F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd’s heat pumps systems an extremely attractive investment for your home or workplace.

Environmentally Friendly

Air source heat pumps are classified as a renewable energy technology, because they extract heat from a renewable source - the air around us! They are also a low carbon technology, which can work in conjunction with other low carbon technologies such as micro generators, photovoltaic or solar heating panels.

Some energy companies are now offering renewable energy or green tariffs which when used in conjunction with a heat pump, will reduce your carbon footprint even further. Reserves of conventional fossil fuels are finite and emissions of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases add increasingly to the effects of climate change. As a low carbon technology, heat pumps can significantly reduce the UK’s Carbon Dioxide emissions.

For more information call F.G.Welch Central Heating & Gas Services Ltd on 01257 421 660 today.

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We also offer full servicing and repairs including :

  • Annual Boiler Servicing
  • Combi Repairs
  • Landlord / House Owner gas safety inspection certificates
  • We use the very latest gas flue analysers and diagnostic equipment
  • All leading manfacturer's boilers catered for

Our other services include :

  • Full System Design & Installation
  • Gas Boilers installations
  • Gas Boilers repairs
  • Gas Boilers upgrades & servicing
  • Gas Fire Installations
  • Gas Safety
  • Power Flushing
  • Solar Panels & Systems
  • Ground Source Systems
  • Air Source Heat Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Safety Inspections
  • Landlord Certificates
  • New builds & Existing properties